Brand Design

Brand Design

Brand Design

We work with clients on Brand and logo design as well as the full rebrand process, culminating in a fresh set of internal and external communications, as well as development of brand strategies. We also deliver training to help employees understand the values of the brand and the whole rebrand process; what it means for the company, why it is important and how it improves the company’s position and communications.

Rebranding & New Brand Development Proposition, Position & Personality Development Competitor Analysis Logo Design & Collateral Development. 

Rebranding & New Brand Development

Whether a re-brand project or new brand development, our strategic approach to brand positioning enables our clients to get a clear picture of what needs to be developed. We unpack the brand in its current position and look at the aspirations of the client and how the brand needs to evolve to meet these aspirations.

Proposition, Position & Personality Development

As part of our strategic piece, we evaluate and analyse our clients brand proposition, position and personality. We do this through a series of workshops with the client, their clients and other stakeholders unpacking the current brand equity and looking at future positioning.

Competitor Analysis

It’s important to understand where our client’s brand sits in its marketplace, so we undertake an in-depth competitor analysis and undertake a benchmarking exercise. Using our intelligent analysis tools as well as our own research, we can develop a clear understanding of the overall marketplace and the space our clients occupy and give insight into the brand development campaign.

Logo Design & Collateral Development

Taking the brand strategy and delivering this across the whole brand starts with the overall identity and style guide. Our team love creatively translating the strategy into updated or new logos and style guides. Brand guidelines, copywriting, photography, image searching and much more can all be included in this piece.




March 17, 2016



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