About us

Corellian Creative is a digital design agency with a focus on web design. We got established by working alongside and for larger design and creative agencies in London. As we’ve developed and forged our own place in the industry we now have our own reputation for producing outstanding creative digital solutions for a variety of clients.

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How can we solve your problem and meet your needs?



How will your solution be communicated to your customers or users?



How will your message look like when visually communicated, and how will your customers experience your product?



How we will build your platform so it works in a way your customers and users need it to in order to enjoy using your product or service.


We create identity

A company’s logo is the representation of the business in its simplest form. It is the emblem, or mascot, of the company as a whole. The foremost element that triggers the feelings of consumers and is critical for an organization to be recognisable. It can also be a trademark.
Often the process of designing a company’s brand image begins with the logo. It give you the platform to go on and form a strong corporate identity. There are many element that make great logos, top of the list being iconography. I’m sure 99% of the planet’s population would instantly recognise the Nike swoosh for what it is if they saw it without the word ‘NIKE’ and completely without any context of what the company does. We immediately know that particular icon, rendered in that particular way, is the mark of sports brand Nike. Is this kind of religious-scale brand recognition possible without a strong logo? Possibly, maybe, but an iconic logo certainly does help.

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High quality on the go

Mobile applications on a customer’s mobile can work independently of the Internet. There are virtually no limits to what is possible and it is a great way of building brand loyalty, offering great customer experience and accessibility.
One of the greatest obstacles for app development is the number of different mobile phones and tablets that now need to be supported. However, this is no problem for the our developers – skilled experts that comfortably develop across all mobile platforms.

Mobile Apps

What We Do

We offer a variety of creative solutions for both digital and print. We also offer a broad range of service packages and monthly accounts to get you up and running, grow your brand and maintain your success whilst spreading the cost.

Corellian Creative