Offline Marketing

Almost 40% of online searches and purchases are made after being influenced by an offline channel.

Promotional Material

Promotional material including brochures, pop-up displays, large format banners, posters, postcards (the list is endless) still form an integral part of most brands campaigns and material. Our design team love flowing design across all mediums and we are not too ‘digital’ to design great offline campaigns and material.

Direct Mail Campaigns

Targeted and relevant direct mail campaigns still gain huge traction for the right brands and audiences. We have seen significant success with DM campaigns and the impact it has on digital channels as well as direct ROI.
We were recently given a brief from a new client for a DM campaign, where we generated a 10% response rate, which not only far exceeded their expectations when bench-marked against previous campaigns, it also led onto an ongoing, fruitful partnership.


Creatives love photography, but more importantly consumers buy into real and relevant images. Our photographers have extensive experience and are passionate about capturing the essence and not just the image.
We regularly undertake photo shoots as part of the brand re-positioning work we undertake with clients, as well as product shoots, advertising campaign and corporate shoots.


We have a team of in-house copywriters writing copy for SEO, advertising campaigns, brand positioning and collateral production. Whatever the channel, copy is key and we ensure all of our digital campaigns as well as offline campaigns have the right attention to detail when it comes to copywriting.

Almost 40% of online searches and purchases are as a result of being influenced by an offline channel.

We are certainly living in a digital age, but statistics like this show we can’t ignore this traditional channel. Corellian Creative’s strategies look at the whole picture, seamlessly integrating online and offline so they work together, enhancing the effect of each.

With all creative production services in-house, including design, copy-writing and photography, as well as offering a print management service, Corellian can ensure that all printed material is cost-effective and has great stand-out.

Corellian has a vast range of advertising experience from online campaigns, outdoor to indoor projects and campaigns for both corporates and growing businesses. With so many platforms to use from online to print, we choose those best suited to the brand along with the aims of the brief and ultimately deliver results. Online advertising campaigns can include everything from text-based adverts on search engine results pages, through to moving image banners. Corellian Creative are experienced in all aspects of producing and delivering worldwide online advertising campaigns. We also provide full translation and localisation services, using only native speakers in each region, of every country. Campaign Concept Creation Press & Outdoor Advertising Social Advertising Online Advertising TV & Cinema campaigns Media Planning
Creativity is at the heart of every Corellian Creative campaign. Genuine ROI is developed when the right creative is combined with the right media and engages the audience in a relevant and real way. We love creative challenges so challenge us!
From billboards in British city centres to car wraps in Casablanca, Corellian has a vast range of experience in delivering outdoor and press campaigns. Over the years we have placed our clients in all sorts of places and our media planning is only constricted by relevance, budget and desire. Ears and eyes working together can still generate huge ROI through clever targeting and messaging. We have run some fantastic campaigns over the years, promoting events, festivals, product launches and radio campaigns can still play an integral part of the media mix.
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